Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're cyc-ed!

We found it! What could replace skiing as our outdoor activity of choice for the summer season? Biking! In many ways biking is very much like skiing for us. Biking takes you places. It gives you destinations. And journeys. When we hit the weekend we think in terms of where can we bike to. What's our goal? The goals give us a reason to ride through places and see things and breathe lots of air and use our muscles and our sense of balance.
Biking shares another attribute with with skiing that makes it very appealing to us. Training. We love how skiing kept us in shape all winter; gave us a reason and motivation to work out during the week. But here's the difference: we're not training for biking. Biking is training us. Our weekend joyrides are the longest and deepest workouts of our week. And we can see and feel the results (a welcome byproduct) week over week. We ride stronger. Tire after more miles. Go further on the same breakfast - if only automobiles could gain fuel efficiency the more miles you put on them!
So we've found our true summer action sport built for the city life. Biking! And we'll probably be talking about it. Cause we're cyc-ed!

Next Steps:
For Planning - NYC Bike Map
A Great Start - Governor's Island

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