Sunday, July 5, 2009

Out of the Box

We've been too busy soaking in the air and the warmth (between raindrops) to sit down and get seriously inspired at the keyboard. But here we are, and the inspiration is most definitely there. We have had a fantastic summer so far in the city, and we haven't taken a legitimate day of vacation yet! The word staycation is somewhat annoying, but the act of staying and vacationing at the same time is brilliant. And we have discovered that we don't have to think long and hard to do it. Here's step one: get some bikes. Step two: pick a destination near water or across a borough. Step three: Get on your bike and ride.
We've discovered Brooklyn. Canvassed Astoria. Boated out to Governors Island. Biked on a windswept dune trail... with Manhattan views! We've toured Early 20th century army houses. Sat on an officers front deck feeling very unmilitary and superbly relaxed. Picnicked in red chairs on the waterfront with front row views of the Statue of Liberty. (That was liberating!) We've found 10 outer-borough neighborhoods that we want to move to. This coming from a born and bred Manhattan boy and a girl from across the big pond in Belgium.
Who knew you can live on the beach with Manhattan within reach? We are seriously considering becoming surfers full time. (We'll probably keep our day jobs.)
New York can seem like a cage with no escape for adventure, but now the lions are out. We've discovered that very easily you can sit under a tree on a beautiful lawn or dive into the ocean with less than 1 hour of travel time or even within biking distance.
Here's some out of the box thinking for you: 1 Day vacations. Your hotel is your own home. Just put some fresh sheets on the bed, and go out and clear your head!


  1. NYC is the best for endless destinations, especially in the summer. hope to join you on an city adventure at some point this summer. xo

  2. i feel more relaxed just reading this entry!!! xoxo