Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Workouts on a Greek Island.

After finishing high school 3 girls from small town Knokke traveled to the Greek Islands for fun, culture and lots of adventure.
I fell in love with Greece and even more with the islands. The beautiful weather, the water, the food, the dancing...
We fantasized about living there like goddesses in Greece. I ate so many olives that my friends started calling me olijfje - little olive.
On those islands it's all about the easy life.
Discovering little beaches, sleeping in the sand, floating naked in the water, the sweet adventure of this is how life should be...
So what will we do this summer for sweet life adventure on our Greek Island in New York?
Bike to discover the water, parks and markets. Run for adventure, swim in the largest pool in the city and look at sunsets over another island called Manhattan...
We will not be sleeping on empty beaches and dream about sweet life to begin.
We are just enjoying this sweet life we live.

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  1. welcome to your greek island in the city! can't wait to see your new place!