Monday, March 2, 2009

Watershed Kids

In Belgium we have an expression ‘Jong geleerd, oud gedaan.”
Basically means that what you learn when you are young, you will do when you will be older.
That’s why all our parents tried so hard teaching us good manners, etc ;-)

Watershed - Campaign for 1000 was created by us for many reasons.
When you google the internet, you can easily find a million reasons to quit your plastic bottle dependence and switch to a cool reusable bottle.
We always loved carrying around our cool Sigg bottles and with liefstyle it is all about sharing the love.
We want to bring people together for a simple and good cause.
Liefstyle in many ways started with our parents, showing us nature, the outdoors, healthy living without waste. We can only hope to pass on the good vibe to the next generation.
My sister, Els, signed her family up for Watershed with some amazing pictures.
Those pictures inspired us to take it to the next step.
Encourage all of you – dear Watershed supporters- to spread the love to more friends, people everywhere.
Or simply share your Watershed fun with us and send us some of your pictures.

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