Monday, March 9, 2009

Training Barbara - Week 4

Holy Sh-t. That was a serious hike! 8 miles/12.8 kilometers of joy and pain. We did not expect this. We may not have even intended this. But we climbed and stepped and chit chatted and gulped water and at times rose above the trees and hopped over streams and crunched through snow and squished in mud and eventually we made it home. (Sore. Very sore.) Seriously though it was a great hike, and true we did not realize how intense it would be, but Barbara and the two of us and Barbara's friends John and Kristine all did it. And we loved it!

Now, let's get down to business. This is Week 4. That means it's SKI WEEK! On Saturday Barbara will step into her ski boots and clip into her skis and two years of pain and rehabilitation and challenge and anticipation will fall away and only the snow, a moment of truth and the sweet tug of gravity will remain.

The hike was definitely a part of the training, but we are for sure all a little bit sorer than expected. Therefore, we will take it a little easier on the legs this week so that they can recover and be all pumped and juicy for the ski slopes this weekend.

In Barbara's Words -

WOOOO HOOOOOO - the ski trip is this weekend! I have been looking through photos from the trip two years ago and am completely psyched!!! I am excited to experience that rush conquer a spend a weekend away with friends. I have already started packing. And THIS time I hope to return with a video of skiing rather than a video of my ambulance ride!

The workouts for week three were quite a bit more challenging than before and really made a difference. This became increasingly more apparent as our reasonable Sunday hike stretched into an eight mile, four hour trek!! It was probably one of the most difficult hikes I have done and, again, my knee held up incredibly! I am so thankful for this training opportunity!!! And so thankful for Mieke and Ezra! I am feeling so many things right now, but most of all I feel very lucky.

The Workout, Week 4 -

32 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on the elliptical - (had our action day hike not been so intense we would have had Barbara do interval training on this day)
8 Minutes Gradual Warm-up
24 Minutes at 70-80% Maximum Heartrate
5 Minutes Cooldown

Floorwork - 2 Sets of 8-10 reps each exercise (or per side)
Core Work
  • Medicine-Ball Crunches
  • Supine Leg Drive
  • Exercise-Ball Side Crunches
Cooldown - Stretches for torso, hamstrings, quads, hips and calves.

28 minutes of cardiovascular exercise - (4 minutes less than Tuesday)
8 Minutes Gradual Warm-up
20 Minutes at 70-80% Maximum Heartrate
5 Minutes Cooldown

Floorwork - 2 Sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise (or per side)
Legs and Lower Body
  • Lunge Hops
  • Side-to-Side Slide
Cooldown - Stretches for torso, hamstrings, quads, hips and calves.

Saturday and Sunday - SKIING!!!

**NOTE: If you are thinking about trying any of these exercises or workouts and you have any questions about whether or not they would be right for you, please email us ( or check with your doctor or physical therapist before beginning.

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