Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sigg Love

When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my parents took us on our first alpine summer vacation. Davos and its surrounding high mountains didn't only spark my love for nature but also the love for gear. The Swiss know why you need it and how to make it.
In New York City using high end mountaineering water bottles seemed a little over the top. Then last year the picture came together.
Mountain eco-friendliness meets the city.
After reading about islands of plastic flooding in our oceans - destroying ecosystems around the world - we decided to reduce our use of disposable plastic in our every day life. That's where Sigg came into our city life.
Fill your Sigg with water for work. The gym Sigg makes you look way cooler than the old plastic throw-out bottle. Toss a Sigg in your backpack for a day of shopping.
Between the two of us we figure we can keep about 2500 plastic bottles a year out of the landfill or the ocean.
Then there's our latest Sigg Thermos discovery. Bad ass thermos for our hot chocolate with rum on the slopes, stays warm in the coldest days. We tested it. Hunter Mountain -15 degrees and 8 hours later our hot chocolate was still steaming!

Next steps:
Garbage Patch

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  1. that island of plastic bottles--a nightmarish image indeed! impressed that your hot chocolate was still warm, but should i be alarmed thinking of you guys all rummed up captain jack sparrow style hittin' the slopes? hee hee.